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Since the inception of the Company in 1981, Metaltech has steadily added its processing capability to build up a recognised multiple proficiency in the thermal processing of metals. Today the Company is heavily involved in vacuum gas atmosphere, controlled atmosphere, plasma nitriding and induction heat treatments offering a range of these specialist treatments both to U. K. and International clients.

Growing from an initial acquisition of several electric box furnaces and salt baths the Company introduced endothermic gas atmosphere furnaces into its portfolio in the mid-1980s. Today Metaltech has an extensive range of equipment for the general hardening needs of its customers which includes sealed quench furnaces, vacuum furnaces, tempering furnaces, and neutral salt hardening, austempering and martempering lines.

Induction heat treatment was into the Company's process capabilities in 1984 with the purchase of a high frequency motor generator set and several radio frequency units. Continuous investment has seen this sector grow to such an extent that the current inventory contains over 25 pieces of induction equipment which includes vertical and horizontal scanners, shaft and pin hardeners. Additionally our Company can claim an extensive range of innovative purpose built ancillaries constructed in-house by Metaltech engineers.

The Company's vacuum heat treatment processing capabilities have significantly expanded since the mid 1980s with the acquisition of several vacuum furnaces. To extend processing capability further the construction of an additional 15,000 sq. ft. unit has been undertaken giving a total operating area of over 30,000 sq. ft. This additional space enables the planned expansion of several technologies to take place.

The Company has completed a major investment to install a fully integrated sealed quench and tempering facility which is principally being used to supply inert hardening and case hardening to the fastener and automotive industries. This line has been continually upgraded and expanded to meet the production demands and quality standards required in this sector.

Continual investment in plant has seen an expansion into plasma nitriding / PlasOx coating techniques. Working in conjunction with a UK based paint manufacturer a novel Molybdenumn Disulphide coating has been developed for use principally in the excavation, automotive, offshore and aerospace industries. A production line has been installed enabling the coating can be applied on a volume basis. Xylan coatings are also available.

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As a result of this comprehensive array of equipment Metaltech can offer a broad range of heat treating services which include: austempering, martempering, though hardening, carburising and carbonitriding, nitriding, annealing, normalising, stress relieving, solution treatment, ageing, introduction hardening and tempering, flame hardening, vacuum hardening, tool steel hardening, austhenitic nitrocarburising, and jack tempering. In addition to carbon and alloy steels the Company has the capability to process cast irons, copper and nickel based alloys, heat resistant alloys, sintered material tool and die steels and a range of stainless steels.

The Team

At Metaltech we offer over 30 years of heat treatment expertise with serveral members of the workforce being employed since the Company inception in 1981. Our production philosophy centres around giving our customers a first class service combined with a rapid response and high quality. The factory is operational on a 24 hour shift system Monday through to Friday and with weekend working as required. The Company is privately owned by the two Directors who are Mr R Scott (the founder) and Dr G Forster (Managing Director) who are both qualified Chartered Engineers and metallurgists.

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Dr Graeme Forster - Managing Director / Technical Enquiries / Commercial Quotations

Ron Scott - Technical Enquiries / Consultancy

Alison Hornsby - Administration / General Enquiries

Cheryl Beaumont-Harrison - Q-HSE Manager

Douglas Handyside - Engineering Enquiries

Malcolm Gettings - Works Manager

Amanda Law – Business Development Manager

Dr.Graeme Forster - Managing Director Alison Hornsby - Administration / General Enquiries
Dr.Graeme Forster Alison Hornsby
Cheryl Beaumont-Harrison - Production Enquiries Amanda Law - Business Development
Cheryl Beaumont-Harrison Amanda Law
Malcolm Gettings - Quality Manager Douglas Handyside - Engineering Enquiries
Malcolm Gettings Douglas Handyside

Company Ethos

What we offer is a Comprehensive and a Complete Solution to all your Heat Treatment needs through a combination of:
  • A well established range of heat treatment processes.
  • A vast array of equipment enabling bespoke solutions to be developed along with cost effective technologies.
  • State-of-the-art processing.
  • Innovative approaches to solving your heat treatment requirements through our in-house design, R D, manufacturing of equipment capabilities.
  • Excellent customer service, rapid response and turnaround times.
  • Proactive response to your needs and heat treatment requirements.
  • Experience (established since 1981).
  • Competitive pricing (from one-offs to high volume).
  • Quality accredited processing.
  • Comprehensive metallurgical backup through our consultancy service offering materials advice and practical solutions to your problems.
  • Whenever possible environmentally orientated heat treatments are used.
  • Processing through intrinsically safe working systems.

The Future

Metaltech plan to continue investing in the key areas of:
  • Vacuum and plasma technology
  • Induction Hardening
  • Controlled atmosphere heat treatments

Through ongoing R&D the Company will continue to be innovative to improve its overall competitiveness in the market place. At Metaltech we feel that innovation not only applies to the development of new technologies or processes but also to the enhancement of process efficiencies in existing working procedures, by making energy reductions, by improving product quality and by protecting the equipment.

We plan to pursue further quality standards (TS16949 & NADCAP).

In short our goals are to optimise and improve on technology, economic and environmental basis. Electricity and gas are critical to any heat treatment processes and energy prices have continually increased well above market expectations. It is our philosophy to continue to pursue energy efficiency programmes to attempt to mitigate some of the rising power costs to provide our customers with a cost-effective heat treatment service. In spite of these challenging circumstances we will continue to do everything possible to meet our customers requirements through cost containment, reliability and high quality of service that has become synonymous with the name of Metaltech.


Dear Mr. Forester,

I am writing to you on behalf of Federal-Mogul (Sunderland) in order to express our appreciation of the extremely professional and rapid emergency heat treatment service, which Metaltech had provided to us.

Although we tested, validated and approved Metaltech for this emergency back up service nearly two years ago we have in that period never had to use your facilities.

When our furnace recently failed Metaltech started the emergency back up service within 24 hours of Federal Mogul notification.

You maintained this service on a 24 hour day, 7 days per week basis and consistently maintained our material quality standards.

Federal - Mogul (Sunderland) is a high volume OE automotive components supplier operating the J I T philosophy and Metaltechs performance during our recent furnace emergency enabled us to maintain our delivery schedules.

Please pass on our thanks and recognition of excellent service to all members of the Metaltech team.

Terry Larkin
Site Manager

Keith M Galbraith
Product Manager

Dear Mr. Forster,

It was brought to my attention during the Board Meeting held on 25th January 2005, your extraordinary efforts during the Christmas Holidays. I would like to personally thank you for your efforts to support Cramlington Precision Forge Ltd during this period.

DAF is a very important customer to us and had we been unable to deliver these parts our business with them would have been jeopardised.

We look forward to working with you and continuing our partnership in the future.

Kind Regards,

Sampath Moorthy,
President, Sundram Fasteners.

For the Attention of the Managing Director

Re: Agusta Westland Transmissions Annual Supplier Awards

In March of this year Ford Component Manufacturing Limited were invited to attend the Agusta Westland Transmissions Annusla Supplier Award ceremony which was held at the Chewton Glen Hotel. The awards are presented to selected Agusta Westland Transmissions Suppliers to honor highest levels of achievement in specific areas over 2004.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to inform you that on this occasion Ford Component Manufacturing Limited were presented with three awards. The three awards are as follows:

  • Most Innovative Supplier
  • Machined Components Supplier of the Year
  • Supplier of the Year

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the part that you as a supplier have played in this remarkable achievement. Ford Components Maufacturing Limited owes much of its success to having a strong, adaptable and agile supply chain which can repeatedly deliver success month after month. Without you we would not have been able to attain this high level of achievement.

Now that we have set our benchmark I would liek to stress the importance of continuing on this journey together. We have a long way to go and during the months and years ahead we must all come together under what may well be difficult circumstances to continue delivering this level of service to our mutual customer.

Once again I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you all and would ask that you relay this message to all your staff. Let us endevour to repeat the achievement once again next year.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Bately
Supply Chain Manager

Federal Mogul x
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