22nd November, 2017

Consultancy - Failure Analysis

Failure of a metal structure or component part is a general term used to imply that in service on of the following has occurred.

Ultimately any failure requires analysis to identify the cause and mode of failure. The objective of any failure investigation is to determine the primary cause of a failure and offer advice on corrective measures to be undertaken to prevent a repetition of the failure.

Metaltech have the resources, equipment and metallurgical expertise to undertake a full, detailed investigation and analysis of most type of metallurgical failure.

At Metaltech we have the ability to undertake all stages of the analytical process including:

Over the years we have undertaken numerous failure investigations including failures of shafts, bearings, lifting equipment, springs, tool steels, mechanical fasteners, bolts, heat exchangers, bridge components, rail parts, axles and gears.

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