22nd November, 2017

Consultancy - Metallography

We have an extensive range of equipment to enable both macroscopic and microscopic examinations to be conducted on most types of components and/or failures.

Sectioning and Metallurgical Preparation
Due to the limitation in size of the specimen that examination instruments such as optical and electron microscopes can accept, it is often necessary to section and prepare a component to a suitable size for detailed evaluation. To enable us to offer a comprehensive service we have a complementary range of :

In addition out laboratory has a full range of chemicals enabling preparation of most frequently used metallurgical etchants for use on all common and exotic metals and alloys.

Macroscopic Examinations
In many cases detailed examinations of fractured surfaces can be undertaken using a low magnification technique. Hand lenses, binocular microscopes enabling magnification from 1x to 100x are available, along with macro-photographic facilities.

Microscopic Examinations
A range of optical microscopes are available enabling detailed metallurgical evaluation to be conducted up to magnifications of 100x. The images can be magnified by a further factor of 2x by a colour camera linked through proprietary software to a colour monitor enabling storage of images to hard disk. This method of data storage is particularly useful for transfer to word documents for subsequent report writing.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
A requirement of an ISO 9001 & Quality Management System is the operation of a continual improvement policy (Clause 8.5.1). The addition of a SEM to our list of test equipment allows a significant improvement in the ability to determine the causes of non conformities.

The equipment has the capability of high magnifications and allows images in the range x30 to x50,000 to be achieved. In addition the equipment has I-Scan digital software allowing digital imaging and image storage thus enabling transfer to a wide range of Windows applications.

A Polaron coating unit is available enabling coating of non conducting specimens by precious metal and carbon thereby allowing the equipment to be used on a wide range of applications.

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