22nd November, 2017

Consultancy - Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing (N.D.T)
Non destructive tests are extremely useful in failure investigation and analysis as well as routine quality control checks for heat treated products.

Metaltech has a range of equipment that can be used to detect surface cracks and discontinuities.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (M.P.I)
This method uses magnetic fields to locate surface and sub-surface discontinuities. This method is the most reliable means of detecting surface cracks, especially very fine and shallow cracks. Indications are produced directly on the component surface and a magnetic picture is built up of the discontinuity. It is important that the magnetic field is in the direction that intercepts the principal plane of the discontinuity.

Metaltech's MPI operators are trained to a minimum national standard of Magnetic Particle Inspection Level 1 (one).

Liquid Penetrant Inspection
This technique can be extended to investigate non-magnetic materials on which MPI cannot be used. The technique involves the spreading of a liquid penetrant on the sample to be tested. The penetrant seeps into small cracks and flaws. Removal of excess penetrant is followed by the application of developer which draws the liquid from the cracks or flaws. The liquid is either bright coloured or fluoresces under UV light.

Eddy-Current Inspection
State-of-the-art equipment is available for the application of this technique to materials that conduct electricity. Cracks or flaws within samples cause distortions in eddy currents which in turn causes a change in the impedance generated. This change can be detected by appropriate electrical circuits and metering giving both a visual and/or audible signal to the operator. The equipment is adaptable for continuous monitoring. Requiring little on-site operator training the equipment is a very flexible method of crack detection. In addition the equipment has been used to determine with success discreet variations in component hardness and also of variations in case depth.

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