22nd November, 2017

Consultancy - Research & Development

Metaltech posseses a high degree of technical expertise in the field of metallurgy and related engineering topics enabling us to take up a wide variety of in-house R&D programmes for both ourselves and our customers.

The technical competence of the project team is given in the following brief synopsis:

Dr Graeme Forster has been Managing Director at Metaltech since 1991. His academic qualifications include BSc (Hons) Metallurgy 1983 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Welding Technology (Welding Institute) 1985. After working for the British Steel Corporation he undertook a PhD in 1986. Under British Gas funding his research was centered around alloy development for use in boiler systems for coal gassification plants. His doctorate was awarded in 1989 for studies into the High Temperature Chloridation of Selected Pure Metals and Alloys. Subsequent post doctoral research included investigation in stress corrosion mechanisms at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne prior to joining Metaltech. His bibliography includes publications in the field of high temperature corrosion and plasma boronizing. Qualifications include Bsc, PhD, C.Eng, MIMM, MWeldI, MICorr.

Recent R&D has been undertaken on plasma boronizing and rapid quenching technology through the SMART and SPUR initiatives.

Mr Ron Scott graduated in 1971 with a BSc (Hons) in Metallurgy. After employment with the British Steel Corporation he set up Metaltech in 1981. His specific areas of interest include heat treatment, fatigue and wear analysis residual stress analysis and measurement, failure investigation and engineering design. He has undertaken many varied and diverse metallurgical projects including:

Project: Customer:
Boron Steel Gear Design Samsung Heavy Industries South Korea
Field Service Load Data from FWD Axle CV Joint Dqewoo Automotive South Korea
Excavator Simulation System Samsung Heavy Industries South Korea
HMC PG Mode Project Hyundai Motor Company South Korea
Offshore Pump Failures Hyundai Heavy Industries South Korea
Circular Saw Test Rig Manufacturing Aven Tools Sheffield UK
Router test Rig Manufacture Black & Decker Spennymoor UK

Qualifications include BSc (Hons), C.Eng, MIMM.

He has assisted Dr Forster in the SMART and SPUR programmes.

In addition Metaltech has a considerable amount of engineering expertise/know-how within the current workforce which is utilised to assist with electronic, electrical and mechanical modifications to test equipment, rig manufacture, testing etc associated with each project that is undertaken.

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