14th December, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are you ISO 9000 Registered?
A) Yes. We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and the Aerospace Industry Quality Standard AS9100C. (view certificate)

Q) How long has Metaltech Ltd been in business?
A) Metaltech Ltd has been providing quality heat treatment services and metallurgical consultancy since 1980.

Q) What heat treatment services do you provide?
A) Our conventional heat treating services include batch sealed quench processing, case hardening (carbonitriding and carburising), scanning or single-shot induction hardening, vacuum annealing and vacuum hardening.

Q) Do you offer metallurgical lab or inspection services?
A) Yes, complete in-house metallurgical and inspection services support all work produced by Metaltech Ltd.

Q) Which industries do you serve?
A) Industries we serve include suppliers of agricultural equipment, automotive and electronic equipment, power transmission systems, medical devices, mining equipment, security devices and precision tooling. For a full list of the industries we serve click here.

Q) Are you ISO 9001 registered?
A) Yes, we achieved ISO 9001 registration on August 2003. (view our certificate of quality)

Q) Is Metaltech Ltd a member of any trade associations?
A) Metaltech Ltd is a member of the Contract Heat Treatment Association.

Q) What time do you open/close?
A) We operate a continuous 24 hour production system commencing 06:00hrs Mon through to 12:00hrs Sat.

Q) Who do I contact for quotation?
A) Fax or email any drawings for the attention of Dr G.Forster.

Q) Do you offer a delivery/collection service?
A) No.

Q) I have an account query, who do I contact?
A) Contact Mrs Alison Hornsby between the hours of 09:00am and 16:00pm Mon-Fri.

Q) What are your payment terms?
A) Typically 30 days from date of invoice although extended terms can be negotiated.

Q) What choice of material/heat treatment should I use?
A) Contact Dr G.Forster or Mr R.Scott for expertise advice on material/heat treatments.

Q) What are your typical turnaround times?
A) Depending upon the type of process, we typically try to offer a 1-2 day turnaround. Depending on volume. We can offer an overnight service in many cases for vacuum hardening of soft steels. Contact Kim Hedley & Malcolm Gettings.

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