14th December, 2017

Fit For Nuclear (F4N) Status Awarded

Fit For Nuclear (F4N) Status Awarded

In June 2016 Metaltech Ltd were awarded F4N status. Working in conjunction with MAS and the Nuclear AMRC Metaltech Ltd have achieved F4N status within a 9 month time frame. By gaining F4N status new opportunities have been created to carry out work for the nuclear industry. F4N has improved the Company significantly in key areas such as Health and Safety. 5S and Continuous Improvement (CI) programs have been initiated and process excellence gains have been readily apparent.

As a result of our F4N journey the Company has alongside other F4N Companies obtained certification to OHSAS 18001. As part of the F4N journey Cheryl Beaumont-Harrison (Q-HSE Manager) and Amanda Law (Business Development Manager) became NEBOSH qualified.

Metaltech Ltd are now featured on the Nuclear AMRC website - http://namrc.co.uk/services/f4n/companies/

Benefits of F4N

“Since we embarked on the F4N journey we have developed a greater awareness of the industry specific requirements of the nuclear sector. By measuring ourselves against key industry standards and taking the necessary steps to close the gaps that the initial checklists highlighted, we have seen clear benefits in our working practices and business performance. In particular the F4N programme focussed our attention on Health and Safety compliance and we are now OSHAS 18001:2007 certified with several key managers also NEBOSH qualified. We have seen the creation of a positive safety culture within our organisation .Whist we are looking to continually improve our F4N ranking the programme has given Metaltech a clear vision of future strategy along with confidence and competence to supply heat treatment to the nuclear sector.”

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