22nd November, 2017

Student Internship Scheme

Summer Placement

Metaltech have taken on their very first student placement from Teesside University in a Summer Placement scheme. Ben Akinwale is currently a third year Chemical Engineering student and joined Metaltech for a six week summer internship over June/July 2016. Ben undertook a project on market research and the development of a market strategy to enter the aerospace and nuclear sectors.

Ben commented on his period of Metaltech, "I have learned a great deal whilst working for Metaltech. I have seen firsthand the different methods of heat treatment as well as specific process such as phosphating and Moly coating which are used to produce orders to customer requirements. Packaging, customer relations, transport, available equipment and utilities are just a few factors a company must consider in order to be successful, not solely engineering qualifications. My time here has allowed me to understand that employers don't want just a graduate but instead someone who is organised, has great communication skills and is able to deal with non-technical issues. These 'soft skills' in addition to a degree is more preferable when working in a company."

Dr Forster, MD at Metaltech Ltd was initially concerned that Ben's daily commute from Middlesbrough to Consett (5 hour round trip) by bus, rail and foot would prove to be a major stumbling block to a successful placement over the six week period. However Ben fulfilled all his commitments and exhibited first class time keeping throughout his internship which clearly demonstrated his willingness to learn new skills and develop his knowledge of material processing. The internship proved to be a great success for both Ben and Metaltech Ltd and is something the Company would be keen to develop with Teesside University for future placements.

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