22nd November, 2017

Processes - Carbonitriding

Carbonitriding is a modified form of gas carburising. Fundamentally the process varies from carburising by the additional introduction of ammonia into the carburising atmosphere. The effect of the ammonia is to add nitrogen to the carburised case.

Carbonitriding is carried out at a lower temperature than that employed in gas carburising typically in the range of 800°C - 875°C. The effect of carbonitriding is to impart a hard, wear-resistant case generally in the range of 0.075 - 0.75mm (0.003 to 0.030 inch) deep. Full case hardness with less distortion can be achieved with oil quenching.

Metaltech has a vast range of sealed quenched furnaces that are all adapted for carbonitriding, enabling one-offs or high volume components to be processed. Product is regularly processed for the rail and automotive industries. Other typical carbonitrided products include:

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