22nd November, 2017

Processes - Flame Hardening

Flame hardening in its simplest form is the heating up of steel to its hardening temperature by a flame and then quenching in water or oil. The gas used for the heating is a mixture of oxygen and usually acetylene although occasionally propane is employed. The gases are mixed in a burner unit whose shape is dictated by the part to be flame hardened.

Metaltech operate two types of flame hardening systems:

Manual Hardening: This involves the heating of a part by a hand held burner to the hardening temperature and then cooling the component in water, oil or air. The method is used principally for localised treatments on small components.

Progressive Hardening: This requires a burner combined with a quenching spray to be passed over the surface which is to be heated. The rate of traverse is controlled - generally in the range of 50 - 200mm/min depending on the depth of hardening that is required.

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