14th December, 2017

Processes - Induction Hardening

A simple definition of the process is the heating of a component by means of an altenating magnetic field within or above the transformation range, followed immediately by quenching.

Most induction hardening operations utilise high power densities and short heating cycles in order to heat the surface area of the component only. The principal requirement of induction hardening is to increase surface wear resistance of a component and improve fatigue strength.

Metaltech have on site a vast range of induction generators from RF (for case depths up to 1.5mm) and MF (for case depths up to 5mm). In combination with the range of ancilliaries, coil sizes and designs induction hardening we can provide induction hardening to most shapes and sizes of product. The principal industries served include rail (shafts), defence (track wear parts), excavation & offroad (shafts / pins) and automotive (cv joints / drive shafts). As well as having the ability to induction hardening, high volume production parts we also undertake one-offs or small volumes.

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