14th December, 2017

Processes - Vacuum

Metaltech have a range of vacuum heat treating furnaces enabling annealing, brazing, quenching and tempering, stress relieving and inert processing operations to be conducted. Whenever possible, turnaround times are on a 24 hour basis to support the requirements of the tool making industry.

Vacuum heat treatment consists of thermally heating metals is an enclosure that can be evacuated to a partial pressure that prevents volatilization of constituent alloying elements.

The most common use of the vacuum heat treating furnaces are for the hardening and tempering of hot work and cold work tool steels. The furnaces are also regularly used for heat treatment of high speed steels, stainless steels and plastic mould steels. Copper based alloys can be processed under nitrogen backfill to prevent volatilisation of zinc. Additionally the furnaces can be used to undertake controlled heating up and cooling down rates and are pined typically use in post weld stress relieving of steels and exotic alloys.

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